Hessian or Burlap Bags

A short description

Hessian or Burlap is often used to make bags and sacks to transport goods like coffee beans, cocoa, copra, onion potato; these can be described as gunny sacks.

Almost 90% of the queries from Ghana state their requirement as gunny sacks or bags. Hessian is breathable and thus resists condensation and associated spoilage of the contents. Hessian is also durable enough to withstand rough handling in transit; these properties have also led to its use for temporary protection as wet covering to prevent rapid moisture loss in setting of cement and concrete by the construction industry. Thus hessian is being an essential part in Shipping and Construction

Hessian is also commonly used for making sandbags, empty burlap or hessian sacks when filled with sand, are used for flood mitigation when building temporary embankments against flood waters or field fortifications. These are also being used in Army Bunkers in war.

Hessian is used to wrap the exposed roots of trees and shrubs when transplanting,Thus its being used highly erosion control.

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