Hessian Cloth

Premium Quality Jute Hessian Cloth or Burlap is available for placing order.

Jute fabric is often called as jute hessian cloth or commonly called burlap. It is a finer quality jute fabric that is most preferred for packaging material for various goods.In some countries jute hessian burlap in the form of jute sacks are called gunny bags.So there is no place of confusion when you have a requirement of Burlap bags these are nothing but the gunny bags or sacks made by Hessian cloths.

The jute hessian or burlap cloth is woven from jute fabrics with single warp and weft interwoven, and available as plain, treated (rot proof) and custom-printed. Jute hessian or burlap is also available in “dyed” or “bleached” variety.

Jute hessian or burlap is strong and generally used for packing or wrapping materials for agricultural products such as wool, cotton and tobacco. The list will go on and on. Hessian Cloth or Burlap is very much popular to the

We produce and export various kind of jute hessian cloth, natural & biodegradable jute hessian cloths, laminated, non laminated & bleached jute hessian bags / burlap bags / gunny bag. Most importantly all our products are QC certified and surveys are being done upon request.

Hessian is a plain weave, finer quality fabric made wholly of Jute with a single warp and weft interwoven and which is lighter in weight than traditional sacking cloth. Also termed as burlap, it is mainly used to make Hessian bags – used in agro based industries for packing tobacco, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, potatoes, onions, wool, wheat, rice, pulses, sands etc. and many other packing purposes which meets international standards for food safety.

We Offer Premium Quality Jute Hessian Cloth That Is Manufactured From The High Quality Jute As Per The National And International Quality Standards. Hessian cloth is available in squares and rolls and is used also for wrapping and to make a variety of other jute products.
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